Whitsundays Luxury Holiday Apartments

There are few Whitsundays luxury holiday apartments that match the breezy style of the Pinnacles Resort. Sitting high on Golden Orchid Drive overlooking Airlie Beach, these gorgeous fully self contained Airlie Beach apartments are perfect for families looking for the best views of the Whitsundays, and for romantic couples looking for a tropical getaway. It’s no coincidence that the Pinnacles Resort is also a popular honeymooners destination, so close to the Whitsundays and also handy to downtown Airlie Beach, although guests could be forgiven for not wanting to set foot outside of the Pinnacles Resort with the huge balconies with jacuzzi, and the magnificent infinity pool sporting the best Whitsunday views.

Man and woman cannot live on views alone. Dining in Airlie Beach is also vast in options, like the things you can do while you are in the Whitsundays.

Airlie Beach Dining

We will talk about menus first and the restaurants that go with them. Perhaps in this age of convenience it’s possible for the food to come to you, Uber Eats anyone? But nothing brings out the flavor and taste of eating out, especially capturing the atmosphere in the company of a restaurant.

Seafood anyone. After a day on the water and perhaps swimming with the fishes, you may be oddly compelled to consider a seafood dinner, and there are some superb restaurants that prepare seafood in Airlie Beach. How about the Fish D’ Vine and Rum Bar with over 560 rums to choose from. The fish is fine too. Insatiable eaters might find Mika Live BBQ and Bar will hit the spot with all you can eat Brazillian BBQ. Is it a gastro pub, maybe, but you’ll have to find out for yourself because at Denman Cellars Beer Cafe you can get really lost in their world class menu of beers and ciders. It’s a global selection, but so is their array of dishes. Try a round of chilli salt calamari and duck pancakes to start with, what about the house-smoked brisket and beer braised pork ribs, or the Brewers Board with Asian style chicken wings. Mix and match for a fun afternoon, or take it into the evening.

So when you are ready for you great Airlie Beach holiday, book these Whitsundays luxury holiday apartments at the Pinnacles Resort. You won’t have to go far to find adventure. So how about it?